Apec WFS-1000 Water Filter (Premium Quality) Reviewed for Your Home

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It is well-known that tap water nowadays is quite full of contaminants. That is why the need for water filters has never been bigger. However, there are quite a lot of options on the web, and it is very difficult to choose the right one. The Apec WFS-1000 super capacity premium quality 3 stage under-sink water filter system stands out from the crowd as it delivers clean, filtered water at a fair price.

So, stick with us through this guide to find out why this under sink water filter is one of the best in its class.


The Apec WFS-1000 

Apec WFS-1000 specifications


Number of Stages: 3-Stages
Water Pressure: 20-85 psi
Purification Method: Carbon Block, Sedimentation
Installation Type: Under Sink
Special Feature: Tankless
Certification: WQA




3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter

The unit is a good 3-stage water filtration system for your home. It uses three different filters that can easily purify the water. After the water passes this filtration system it will be odor-free and good-tasting.

The stages of this filtration system work like this:

Stage 1 – 10 Inches Polypropylene Sediment Filter 

This is the first filter that water goes through in this process. The purpose of this filter is to filter out all the sand, rust, dust, and other bigger particles.

Stage 2 – Extruded Carbon Block Filter

In this part of the process, all the chemicals like chlorine and VOCs get filtered out. That is how you get better-tasting, odor-free water.

Stage 3 – Another Extruded Carbon Block Filter

In the last stage of the process, the water is being filtered even more and is now ready for drinking!

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend connecting the system to a hot water supply! One of the reasons is that the hot water could damage the carbon block filter.

Flow Rate

One of the most important features of every water filter is its flow rate. That is why the bigger it is, the less you have to wait for the water to flow out. Fortunately, the flow rate of the unit is 0.72 GPM. That makes this product very fast, and capable of providing you with clean water all the time.

Not a Single Drop of Wastewater

Quite a lot of filters nowadays produce big amounts of wastewater. However, APEC is one of the top brands of water purifying systems in the United States. the Apec WFS-1000 super capacity premium quality 3 stage under-sink water filter system doesn’t require any flushing at all. That is how not a single drop of water is wasted through this process.


This 3 stage under sink water filter is quite durable. Furthermore, the manufacturer gives you 12 months of guaranteed satisfaction. The plastic they used to make this product is high-quality. The O rings of this filtration system are made to last up to 5 years.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation instructions you get with the Apec WFS-1000 are pretty much straightforward. Even if you have never done anything like this before, you shouldn’t have any difficulties with the installation. Furthermore, the WFS-1000 comes with all the important tools you need for installation.

Replacement Filters

Even though this product is very easy to maintain, at some point you will have to change the filters. Therefore we picked the APEC FILTER-SET US Double Capacity replacement filters. These APEC replacement filters are highly-compatible and will fit perfectly with the system. They are made of high-quality components and can last up to 12 months.

Product Documentation

Other Noteworthy Features

It is very important to mention that the unit doesn’t remove essential minerals during the process. That means the natural pH level in water is maintained.

Tap is included
Doesn’t remove essential minerals
No tank required
Easy DIY installation
It is expensive
Does not filter all harmful toxins
Can not be used with hot water


How Do I Do the Maintenance Myself?

Maintaining this system is a piece of cake. The only thing you have to do once a year to change the filters. Now the best replacement filters for this product are the ones mentioned above. So, if you follow the step-by-step manual, you won’t have any problem changing them.

Other maintenance recommendations:

1. You should replace the filter housings every 10 years.
2. Also, replace the O rings every 4-5 years.

Should I Buy This Product if I Use Well Water?

Unfortunately, this water filter is not ideal if you receive water from your well. But why is that? The main reason is that it can’t remove total dissolved solids (TDS) such as magnesium and iron. Advanced Purification Engineering Corp mentioned that it is not capable of removing heavy metals like lead and copper either.

Can It Remove Microbes?

Even if your water tastes good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe to drink. Viruses and bacterias found in water are invisible but can be very dangerous. However, in addition to heavy metals and TDS, this water filter can’t remove waterborne microbes. But that is not surprising at all. Only reverse osmosis, ceramic filters, and UV can successfully filter out microorganisms.

Final Verdict

Due to its 3-stage system, Apec WFS-1000 super capacity premium quality 3 stage under-sink water filter system really stands out from the crowd. It is definitely the best choice for all of those who want to get rid of the chlorine in water and improve the taste.

However, it is a little bit more expensive than some other filters in its class. But, the quality is outstanding, and picking this water filtration system will save you a huge amount of money. The maintenance is also very simple and the replacement costs are quite low.