Aquasana Clean Water Machine (Portable & Efficient) Review of 2022

Aquasana clean water filter is a product with which you can travel. It does not need installation. Moreover, you only need to assemble the parts, plug in the power cord and you are all set. The Aquasana clean water machine has high reliability due to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 401 certifications. These measures ensure the limitation of water impurities and toxicities.

About Aquasana Inc.

The Headquarters of Aquasana Inc. is located in Austin, TX. This company operates from Haltom City, TX. It is famous for its eco-friendly water filtration system. The filter design reduces toxins from water. Some of the most favor products are:

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Vaporous Organic Mix, also known as VOCs, are industrial chemicals. Recent research shows that they pollute about one-fifth of the nationwide water supplies. (US Geological Survey). These fusions are easy to vaporize. VOCs are complex mixtures of many harmful industrial chemicals. Aquasana Water Filter Machine is capable of removing these materials from water. This shows its high quality built.

Aquasana focuses on building eco-friendly products to provide clean water. Aquasana focuses on making water filtration systems that have the ability to recycle. Most of its parts can be reused. Their clean water machine emits less amount of waste.

To help reduce land pollution, Aquasana Inc. uplifts the use of glass bottles. Which will, in turn, lessen the use of plastic bottles.

Aquasana Clean Water Machine – Special Features

Product Specifications

aquasana clean water machine reviews
Temp range: 40-90° F (4.44-32.2° C).
Rated flow rate: 0.5 GPM (1.8 lpm).
The capacity of filter: 320 gallons (1,211 l).
Pressure: 20-70 psi (137-482 kPa).
Voltage: 100-240

Since Aquasana is NSF certified, it can reduce harmful contaminants from tap water.

Examples of these are per-fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) and per-fluoro-octane sulfonate (PFOS). Aquasana Water Filter can reduce the PFOA and PFOS below harmful levels providing clean & safe filtered water.

Per-fluoro-octanoic Acid or PFOA: Industries use this mix. It helps to reduce surface tension in chemicals. However, PFOA can cause liver injury and reproductive issues. It can also affect growth and progress in children.

Per-fluoro-octane Sulfo-nate or (PFOS): It is an industrial waste material. This pollutes the water reserves of the area with harmful chemicals.

The Aquasana Filter has an average rating of 4.0 on Amazon, and it is also declared one of the best water filtration systems available in the market.

Aquasana Filter comes with a 1-year warranty and it can be placed on the kitchen counter.

Components in the Package

features aquasana clean water filtration system

The Aquasana Filter contains the following parts in the package:

  • Dock holds the pitcher or dispenser. Aquasana Filter contains a cavity to insert the filter cartridge. It is attached to a power cord. It has a reset button under the lid. Resetting is necessary every time you change the filter cartridge.
  • Claryum Filter is a cartridge that removes toxins and pollutants from water. Advanced mechanics are used in its production. It removes toxins that are sensitive to human senses as well as the ones that cannot be detected by human senses.
  • Dispenser with Lid carries out the filtration process. It disperses purified water. It has a lid that covers the dispenser when it’s not on the main dock. This is very useful for the direct use of drinking water at room temperature.
  • Pitcher with Lid is an extra water storage option. The pitcher also attaches to the dock. It is usable for the filtration process as well. After the filtration process, you can detach the pitcher from the dock. The removable pitcher helps to store water in the fridge for cooling purposes. The capacity of this pitcher is half-a-gallon.


Firstly, the Aquasana Water Machine with Filter has an advanced applied science called “on-demand filtration”. It means the system will only use the filter when you push the dispenser button. Therefore, this special feature helps the cartridge to last longer.

Secondly, it has a very smart filtration process that starts and stops by itself. Purification starts upon attaching the pitcher or dispenser to the dock and once the process is complete, the machine stops by itself.

Lastly, the blue light indicates the start of the filtration process, and once the light goes off, you can remove the pitcher/dispenser from the dock and put the water in use.

Removal of Impurities and Contaminants

aquasana clean water machine helps reduce contaminants

Aquasana Clean Water Machine removes more than 77 harmful impurities from water. To clarify, these include chlorine, chloramines, drugs, insect killers, industrial solvents, lead, asbestos, and mercury.

The best part of this system is that useful minerals remain intact. Useful minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 17 water purifiers built by Aquasana, Inc. are award-winning products. Moreover, it also has a certification with NSF under Protocol P473.

Filter Cartridges Explained

The basic unit of this home water filter is Claryum Cartridge. It is one of the best parts of the Aquasana filters. The tainted water runs through the cartridge before it is clean enough to drink. It has 4 filtration layers. Each layer targets specific pollutants to refine water:

  • Activated carbon decreases the effects of harmful chemicals. Those harmful chemicals include insect-killing spray, drugs, herbicides, and VOCs/MTBE.
  • Catalytic carbon removes chlorine and chloramines.
  • Gets rid of heavy metals by the ion-exchange method.
  • The sub-micron filter purifies the water from asbestos and chlorine. So, chlorine resistant cysts are also drawn out.

This cartridge can completely remove any kind of odor or color as it affects the clarity of the water. The constant change of filter cartridge will help maintain water clarity and purity.

The indicator on the dock will show you when to change the cartridge. As soon as the indicator turns red, you need to change the filter. Any delay in this regard might allow a few impurities. As more time passes it may even slow down the filtration process.

Using Your Unit

Step 1: Insert the Claryum filter cartridge into the dock. To insert the cartridge, turn the top of the dock in a counter-clockwise direction, then lift the lid off.

Step 2: Place filter into the chamber. Make sure the flat side is facing down. Put the lid back on and rotate it in clockwise direction securing it in its place.

Filtration Process

Step 3: The Aquasana filter operates with electric power. Plug the socket into an electricity source. The system contains a dispenser and a pitcher. Both of these are usable for the filtration process.

Step 4: Fill the inner chamber of the pitcher/dispenser with tap water, then place it on to the dock and lock it into its place.

Once the dispenser locks with its dock, the filtration process will start automatically. Blue light is located on the front of the dock which will turn on. This would mean filtration has started.

The inner chamber of the pitcher/dispenser will start reducing the water. Meanwhile, the outer chamber will fill up during the filtration process.

Flushing off the Cartridge

Step 5: Once the inner chamber is empty and the outer chamber fills up with water, the blue light will turn-off. After that, you need to discard this filtered water to flush off the cartridge.

Notice: Do this when using the cartridge for the first time.

Step 6: The dispenser will supply the water directly to your vessel/cup with a push of a button. The push-button is at the top of the dispenser.

Step 7: The capacity of the cartridge is 320 gallons. This cartridge is good for use for 3 months. The indicator located at the front of the dock will show a flickering red light when 90% of the filter capacity gets consumed.

When the light turns solid red and stops to flicker, you would need to change the filter immediately.

Pros and Cons

Effective removal of harmful pollutants. This keeps the goodness of water intact with the minerals that are necessary
Easy and Fast Filtration process. Filtration completion rate is 0.5 GPM
It has an Indicator alert for a filter change. This reduces the risk of overuse or wearing-out of the cartridge
Separate pitcher and dispenser to use for refrigeration
Claryum Filter Cartridge. Claryum is a combination of filtration science. It not only removes water contamination which is visible, has an odor or is sensitive to taste, but also discards impurities that are not detectable to senses
Slim design to allow more space on the kitchen counter
Minor leakage from pitcher/dispenser on the dock. Need to be careful if the power source is too close to the machine
The system is quite loud when the filtration process starts
Pitcher’s construction quality is a bit flimsy
Stops working if not handled with care. In this case, machine reset is possible


Systems that purify drinking water are necessary for every home. Having a system like Aquasana water filtration system available at the ease of your home may play a vital role. It eliminates major threats that are caused by pollutants.

It is highly recommended to buy a water filtration system for your drinking water. If you are concerned about the availability of clean drinking water, we suggest the use of an Aquasana Clean Water Machine. It is one of the most effective tabletop purification systems.

The advantage of having an Aquasana water filtration system is that it is recommended by consumers themselves. Also, considering the reviews of this product, it is a must-have.