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Aquasana reverse osmosis filters by reversing water flow. In this RO system, water passes through a highly concentrated filtering solution. It then flows through a diluted solution using semi-permeable membranes. We list the pros and cons of using the product to filter your water at home.

Special Features

Aquasana 13.32 gallon water filter tank


Product Features:  
Capacity: 35 Gallons
Maximum Flow Rate: 0.5 Gallons Per Minute
Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis
Special Feature: Chlorine Reduction




Check Out the Advantages

Aquasana superior RO filtration

The following lists some advantages to using this filtration system.

Potent Water Filtration System

The CDC considers powerful reverse osmosis filtration as highly effective in removing bacteria. This is exactly what Aquasana RO uses. Tap water first passes into a more concentrated solution to remove contaminants. The pore size that reverse osmosis water filters use is about 0.0001 micron. The next stage is to go through a diluted solution filtered by a semi-permeable membrane for more cleansing.

Patented Claryum Technology

Because of the claryum RO filter, product owners can enjoy safe and great-tasting water. The technology filters out at least 74 contaminants. You won’t be taking chlorine or heavy metals with your drinking water. The OptimH2O also removes chloramines and chemicals that are used on plants or pests. There’s more.

It retains the naturally-occurring minerals that are beneficial. Your drinking water keeps its magnesium and potassium content. The pH maintains balance. Also, alkaline and calcium magnesium and potassium content are intact.

NSF Tested

Similar to Aquasana Clean Water Machine, the Optimh2o reverse osmosis claryum filtration is NSF tested. The California Department of Health Services Drinking Water Treatment Device Program tested it. Results certify that it meets the standards for safety and quality. Each glass of water is safe for those with sensitive stomachs.

Quick Water Filtration

Aquasana’s OptimumH2O water filtration cleanses your tap water fairly fast. The estimated rate is .5 gallons per minute. That’s good enough for four glass servings in one minute.

Aquasana water filter system filter replacement
Optimh2o replacement

Easy Replacements

It’s easy to replace filters. You don’t need to disconnect the water lines or hoses. There’s no need for a tool or wrench. You only have to twist off the housing and put in a new one with one easy snap.

Long Warranty

Your Aquasana OptimH2O filter system comes with a 2-years warranty. So you have peace of mind that you will get support from the company in case of any unexpected problems. Cover includes:

  • 1 year for RO membrane life
  • 1 year for remineralize life
  • 6 months for Claryum/carbon filter life
  • 2 years of general warranty

DIY Set-Up

Your buy includes a complete set. And you can install it yourself. Choose between brushed nickel or chrome. There’s also oil-rubbed bronze to match your kitchen’s color palette.

Taste and Quality of Water

Users comment about the good taste and quality of an optimH2O RO filtered drink. There’s no metallic or funny aftertaste. You get a clear drink. It doesn’t taste as it passed through osmosis filtration.

Space Efficient

This top-rated under sink water filtration system doesn’t need a lot of space. It fits nicely even in limited under-kitchen sink spaces. One reviewer says there is enough space left for other under sink kitchen supplies.

Pros and Cons

It’s a potent water filtration system
Patented Claryum technology
It’s NSF Tested
Quick water filtration
Easy replacements
Long warranty
It’s a DIY Set-up
Pleasant taste and quality of water
It is space-efficient
There are incomplete instructions
It’s a slow flow of water most of the time
There’s water leakage
It’s not for home renters
The quality of materials may seem flimsy
It’s not suitable for all sinks
You could receive an incomplete pack
It’s a tricky DIY
There’s water waste

Our Final Take

Aquasana reverse osmosis product uses an effective water filtration system. It has highly passed CDC standards for purifying tap water. Users love it for its good taste and quality. You get rid of water contaminants but keep essential minerals. Filters last long so you don’t need to replace them often. The slow flow of water may be a point to dislike.

It’s a long wait for heavy coffee and tea drinkers who must fill up pots many times a day. You may feel that the plastic parts are a bit flimsy and of low quality. Buyers, in general, also find the installation of this system complicated or cumbersome. Water Filters Advisor encourages you to be open to the possibility that you may need to hire a plumber to assist you.