Best Alkaline Water Bottle Filters (10 Portable Picks!) 2022 Reviewed

 Last updated  - January 12th, 2022

In today’s world, taking everyday water and turning it into alkaline, pH-balanced, healthy water is easier than ever. With new technologies and heightened water awareness, we’re able to easily manage water acid levels and overall keep up with our water intake.

Alkaline water has hit its stride in recent years as more and more people discover the level of contamination and possible side effects from drinking unfiltered tap water. However, particularly if you are a serial traveler, a commuter, or a college student, sometimes your only option to access alkaline water is buying plastic bottles of water.

Fortunately, companies have caught on to this gap in the market, creating reusable water bottles that can help you get your levels back on track. We dug through the new trend to find the most portable, advanced, and all-over best alkaline water bottle filters available today.

Our Comparison Table

DYLN 32 oz Alkaline Water Bottle | Creates Premium...
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle -...
GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Maker...
DYLN Insulated Water Bottle
Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Bottle
GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle
Best for
Best portable alkaline water bottle for overall use
Best alkaline water filter bottle
Best hi-tech alkaline water bottle
Star rating
DYLN 32 oz Alkaline Water Bottle | Creates Premium...
DYLN Insulated Water Bottle
Best for
Best portable alkaline water bottle for overall use
Star rating
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle -...
Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Bottle
Best for
Best alkaline water filter bottle
Star rating
GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Maker...
GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle
Best for
Best hi-tech alkaline water bottle
Star rating

Alkaline Water Bottle Filters – 10 Expert Reviews

1. Hi-Life pH Glass Filtered Bottle

glass and silicone water bottle filter
Material: Glass and silicone
Design: Bottle
Filter Life/Capacity: 30 gallons
Volume: 550 ml.

The filter of this Hi-Life pH Glass Filtered Water Bottle lasts for up to 30 gallons of water. The manufacturer recommends you change the filter after 30 gallons or 2 years. The bottle increases water pH and -ORP, adding minerals such as zinc, magnesium, selenium, and more. Additionally, the bottom of the bottle has a large opening to make cleaning and filling the bottle easily.

At one of the lowest price points on this list, the Hi-Life Ph water bottle will filter your water, leaving it alkalized and fresh-tasting for up to 2 years before a replacement filter is needed. Say goodbye to expensive plastic bottles – the Hi-Life can help you stay hydrated on the go.

High pH Level
Water can taste metallic
May not improve the pH level of your water as much as desired

2. Global Care Market Water Bottle

stainless steel water bottle filter
Material: Food grade 306 stainless steel
Design: Ergonomic tumbler | Natural stones filter for alkalinization and water purification
Filter Life/Capacity: 30 gallons
Volume: 650 ml.

The Global Care Market bottle features a food-grade seamless stainless steel tube, making it one of the most durable bottles for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a natural mineral cap filter that will both alkalize and energize the water.

The alkalinization filter adds Calcium, Manganese, Potassium, and other important minerals. Further, the package includes 1 Global Care Market stainless steel bottle, 1 Carrying Case, and 1 User Manual.

The Global Care Market bottle is one of the cheapest and best filters out there. However, beyond affordability, this option makes it on this list because of its high value. The bottle features the earth’s natural stones and minerals to organically purify, alkalize, and mineralize your water on the go with no problems.

Global Care Market offers these bottles in a convenient size and sells a carrying case tailor-made for the bottle for those who want to travel safer with their portable water filter system.

Lightweight bottle
Creates clean water
Keeps water cool
Water may taste bad
The filter may not alkalinize the water as per your standards

3. pH HYDRATE Glass Bottle

modern water bottle with filter
Material: Bamboo, stainless steel, glass, and silicone
Design: Double-walled glass bottles in a teal blue color silicone sleeve
Filter Life/Capacity: 16 gallons
Volume: 10.5 oz / 300 ml
best alkaline water bottle

With this bottle, you can have high pH ionized water at the office, while traveling, shopping, or hiking. The pH Hydrate glass bottle increases water pH and -ORP, adding zinc, magnesium, selenium, and iron to your water. Moreover, the filter eliminates unwanted heavy metals. For example, tests show it can reduce fluoride, chlorine & chloramine in the water.

Invigorated Water created this bottle for people who love the Earth and their bodies. This alkaline water filter bottle assists in eliminating plastic bottle waste from your life by swapping to a sustainable, reusable glass bottle. It alkalizes and mineralizes your water to provide the purest water possible. There are so many reasons to feel good about using this best alkaline water bottle – even your wallet will be happy thanks to the affordable price. 

Easy to clean
Easy to use
Good price
Requires filter replacement sooner than other options
A bit heavier than other bottles

4. GOFILTR Hydration Kit

alkaline water bottle buying guide
Material: Insulated Stainless Steel
Design: Tumbler-shaped water bottle coming in five colors
Filter Life/Capacity: 750 refills | 3 months
Volume: 32 oz

Each GoFiltr lasts for up to three months or 750 refills, helping users reduce disposable bottle consumption by hundreds of bottles or more. The GoFiltr turns your regular water into ionized mineral 9.5 pH alkaline water in just a few minutes. You can use any water, from sparkling to flat, filtered, tap water, and distilled water. The GoFiltr fits all reusable water bottles (glass, plastic, metal, vacuum insulated stainless steel, copper), flasks, tumblers, and even hydration packs, water bladders with an opening of 1 (27mm) or larger. It works best with bottles 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and 40 oz in size, offering lots of flexibility to fit your favorite reusable bottle.

One of the most stylish and modern-looking filtration systems on this list, the GoFiltr is one of the best options for the millennial who wants pure water at a low cost. You are able to neutralize free radicals on the go with this portable alkaline water bottle system. Further, users rate this as very easy to use, saying it even improves the water’s flavor. 

It comes with a free app to track usage and refills
Made in the USA
Compatible with different types of water, flavors and ice cubes
Can be used with a wide variety of water bottle sizes and types
Some users report that the water bottle becomes smelly over time
It may not improve the pH level of your water as much as you desire

5. pH REVIVE & Carry Case

flip-top water bottle with alkaline filter
Material: BPA-free plastic
Design: Ergonomic shape with flip top and carrying case
Filter Life/Capacity: 1 month
Volume: 750 ml

The alkaline filter in this bottle helps eliminate heavy metals such as fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine from your water. Additionally, the one-hand hygienic flip-top lid is ideal for extreme travel, sports, and survival enthusiasts. The pH Revive is a BPA-free, recyclable plastic bottle featuring a quick-release button to operate the lid with one hand.

This water bottle has a unique filter, offering high performance while removing plenty of contaminants. Users particularly appreciate this bottle’s high value, fantastic flavor, and ease of use.

Attentive customer service
Great design
Some difficulty attaching the lid of the bottle to the filter
It may leak sometimes

6. BlueBlue Alkaline Mineral 9 Stage Bottle

alkaline filter water bottle review
Material: FDA-approved plastic
Design: Ergonomic
Filter Life/Capacity: 6 months
Volume: 600 ml

This portable water filter with nine stages of integrated filtration uses a high-tech hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane, which transforms contaminated water into safe drinking water. The BlueBlue water filter bottle also reduces lousy taste and chlorine, leaving zero aftertastes. Moreover, it can alkalinize your water up to pH 7.8 and ORP -199mV.

Explicitly designed for hikers and campers, the BlueBlue is a portable option offering alkaline water to explorers no matter where they find themselves. This bottle provides ionized water in an ergonomic, easy-to-spot, bright blue bottle. While it does come with some design flaws, customer reviews spotlight their overall satisfaction with this bottle, particularly its affordable price.

Water tastes great
The bottle is easy to use
Perfect size and shape for travel
The bottle leaks sometimes
It does not offer as high of pH levels as you might wish

7. pH ACTIVE Insulated Water Bottle

water bottle with alkaline filter review
Material: Stainless steel
Design: Ergonomic and sleek, three colors | 2 lid options
Filter Life/Capacity: 16 gallons/1 month
Volume: 650 ml
best alkaline water bottle pH ACTIVE insulated

This pH Active bottle increases water pH and -ORP, improving taste and smell. It also adds minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium & iron) while eliminating heavy metals like mercury, copper & lead. Further, you can feel good about supporting this company thanks to their partnership with charity: water. By donating a portion of your purchase and their profits, they help build sustainable water supplies for people who need it most.

This product is one of the best for active users. The pH Active comes in a variety of colors and features two lids based on your preference and activity while using. Furthermore, the price point for this ergonomic, double-walled bottle is low, with some different options depending on the color and size selected. Celebrated by buyers for ease of use, durability, and great flavor, this water bottle is an obvious winner.

Money-back guarantee
Stylish design with many options
Great pH levels
Company supports charity: water with every purchase
Sport top straw breaks easily
The filter sometimes tears open

8. pH Conscious Filtered Water Bottle

sustainable alkaline filter water bottle
Material: Wheat straw and plastic
Design: Two colors (teal and white) | Ergonomic
Filter Life/Capacity: 16 gallons/1 month
Volume: 450 ml

The technology behind this bottle breaks down water molecules into structured patterns recognized by your body for easy absorption and better hydration. The alkaline filter reduces the negative potential of the water (ORP), instead of creating high antioxidant water and neutralizing free radicals on a cellular level. Finally, the bottle filter removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals while improving the taste and smell of water.

Perhaps the most stylish product in Invigorated Water’s alkaline water bottle line, the pH Conscious is partially made from sustainable wheat straw. It features a carabiner hole in the cap as well as a strap for easy holding at the gym, on the road, or wherever you take your bottle.

Use this bottle with Invigorated Water’s super easy bead tea bags to produce as much as 16 gallons of alkaline water on the go. You can also take the filter pouch out of the bottle and use it for your at-home water glass. The pH Conscious is for those water drinkers out there who care as much about their bodies as they do about Mother Earth.

Stylish design
Easy to use
Great price/value ratio
Pouches are fragile and easy to tear
Some users complained about the cap on the bottle

9. GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle

water bottle with filter
Material: Stainless steel, double-wall glass
Design: Ergonomic tumbler
Filter Life/Capacity: 14 gallons/1 month
Volume: 300 ml

The GOSOIT water bottle features advanced SPE and PEM technology to make the entire process user safe. After 3 minutes of work, the H+ will alkalize up to 1100 PPB and the pH value will reach 7.2-9.5. Further, the USB recharge functionality makes this bottle an even more sustainable choice. Finally, this bottle features a removable glass double wall, which is easy to clean and use.

One of the few water bottles on this list to promise hydrogen-rich alkaline water, the GOSOIT takes pride in its advanced technology. Turning regular tap water to hydrogen-rich, alkaline water in three minutes, this water bottle leads the market in terms of on-the-go hydrogen-rich water.

With technology that is chargeable by a USB port, this bottle takes high-tech water to the next level. It ranks as one of the best alkaline bottles for its great taste, value, high-end technology, and ease of use.

It produces hydrogen-rich water
Easy (and fun) to use
Great design
Small volume for a water bottle
Requires USB charging to continue use

10. Seychelle pH20

BPA-free filtered water filter
Material: BPA-free plastic
Design: Stout, sporty design with handle
Filter Life/Capacity: 100 gallons/1 month
Volume: 28 oz
best alkaline water bottle Seychelle pH20

Each Seychelle water filter removes lead, mercury, asbestos, chromium 6, benzene, MTBE, VOCs, THMs, chloroform, arsenic, 90% of fluoride, and more. The Seychelle’s large alkaline filter has a capacity to clean up to 100 gallons, giving you over 400 fill-ups. By switching to this bottle, you’ll save both money and waste from using plastic disposable bottles. 

For clean water no matter where you are, the Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Bottle is your best bet. Made for people who like to live healthily, this bottle comes with a handle for easy portability. Further, you can rely on high-quality, US-made filters to ensure the best water every time.

The filter works for over 100 gallons of water before it needs replacement
Great value
Easy to use
Some users report shipping issues like receipt of the wrong product in the package
Plastic is very fragile for the price

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a “Good” Alkaline Water Bottle?

An alkaline water bottle is only as good and efficient as its filters and alkalinization technology. To identify the best alkaline water bottle, look for bottles that come in durable materials and feature reliable processes of water alkalinization and filtration. Also, it’s always helpful to check user reviews to learn from people who’ve used the bottle before. 

How Can I Make Alkalized Water at Home?

At home, you can make alkaline water with water ionization machines, alkaline water filters & pitchers, and even some reverse osmosis water filters. For example, some of the bottles we discussed above have removable filters that you can use in a glass of water at home to make alkalized water.


Many people that prefer alkaline water say that it tastes better than tap water. Based on our research, we stand by each of the water bottles on this list as a great option to provide you with the best alkaline water wherever and whenever you want it.

If you want more information on water filter bottles, don’t forget to check out our best water filter bottles reviews! We are sure you will find a product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations!