Best Ice Machine Filter (11 Smart Choices) Reviews

best water filters for ice machines

 Last updated  – November 26th, 2021Almost 70% of ice machine service calls are due to water-related problems. As the water freezes, minerals dissolve and form scale on machine components. Over time, it leads to serious problems with ice machines. Using proper ice machine water filters improves quality and flavor. It removes chlorine and various contaminants, … Read more

NSF 53 Certified Refrigerator Filters (10 Smart Picks) 2022 Review

fridge replacement water filters

 Last updated  – January 12th, 2022 The NSF is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They have set the standard for water filters across the globe. Furthermore, with new refrigeration filtration technology, ensuring your replacement filters are NSF 53 certified refrigerator water filters is essential.  The NSF uses a special, consensus-based process to … Read more

Best Showerhead Filters (6 Favorites We Love!) – WaterFiltersAdvisor

best shower head filter

 Last updated  – November 29th, 2021  Clean water consumption has become virtually a subconscious act. It’s difficult to find anyone who regularly consumes unfiltered water these days. When it comes to water filters that can directly affect you and your family, showerhead filter units are top-of-mind. Some benefits include: Avoid being soaked with water, drenched … Read more

7 Best Fluoride Water Filters (Smart Choices) Reviews in 2022

flouride water filter guide

 Last updated  – January 12th, 2022Removing fluoride from water isn’t a simple process, especially since not all filtration systems can take it out. Therefore, we searched for top-selling water filter systems designed to remove this stubborn compound.  Fluoride Water Filters For Your Home Fluoride in our water is a long-debated issue that still generates controversy. … Read more