Best Ice Machine Filter (11 Smart Choices) Reviews

 Last updated  - November 26th, 2021

Almost 70% of ice machine service calls are due to water-related problems. As the water freezes, minerals dissolve and form scale on machine components. Over time, it leads to serious problems with ice machines. Using proper ice machine water filters improves quality and flavor. It removes chlorine and various contaminants, making the water softer and cleaner.

However, choosing the proper filter can be a bit tricky. In this article we’ll show you the top 11 choices in the market.

ice maker water filter replacement

Ice Machine Water Filters

When your machine makes ice cubes, their quality is directly correlated with water. If the water is pure and clean, the cubes will be too. On the other hand, if the water is contaminated, cubes can develop an unpleasant odor and bad taste. If that’s the case with your ice machine, you need to buy a filter.

Besides purifying the water, an ice machine filter may extend the life of your appliance. If your water is contaminated, it will build scale and negatively affect all of the machine parts.

Ice Filtration

Ice machine water filters clear the water before it even reaches the maker. They also manage and treat hard water, which can leave dust on top of cubes, and build scale that damages the equipment and inner parts of ice makers.

Chlorine Removal

Chlorine in water gives it a specific taste and smell, which further affects the ice quality. If you put that ice in your drink, it may give it a “swimming pool” smell and taste as it melts down. Filters can remove this contaminant, leaving you with better water quality.

Ice Machine Filters – 11 Products Reviewed

1. Everpure EV9324-01 Insurice Single i2000 2 System

Everpure water filter
Product Dimensions 18.9 x 2.91 x 2.91 inches
Certification NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified
Special Features Exclusive precoat filtration provides superior chlorine taste and odor reduction

Manufactured by Everpure, this water filter is one of the best choices in the market. This filter lowers the number of contaminants in the water, removes chlorine, and provides you with odorless and tasty water.

Everpure EV9324-01 has an amazing 9,000 gallons capacity and has a service flow rate of 1.67 GPM. It removes chlorine, most bacteria, scales, and sediment. On top of that, the unit is NSF 53 certified water filter, which makes it perfectly safe to use. It’s very simple to install and requires almost no maintenance.

Fantastic filtration
Easy to install
Might clog if the water is too much contaminated

2. Sub Zero Water Filter 7012333

sub zero water filter
Package Dimensions 12.4 x 2.9 x 2.9 inches
Life expectancy 6 months
Special Features Reduces sediment and chlorine taste, while inhibiting the growth of scale

This filter is an excellent choice for people who want to shop on a budget. At an affordable price, it still provides excellent water quality. Like most units, it successfully removes chlorine, sediment, and scale, directly extending the lifespan of your machine.

It’s simple to install and comes with an easy-to-understand user manual. You can perform the installation in just a few simple steps. The only thing to keep in mind is not to apply too much force. Small parts on top are a bit fragile and might break – which is not covered by the warranty.

All in all, this is a great option for those looking for something affordable and simple to install without compromising high-quality performance. With the Sub Zero Water Filter 7012333 UC-15 Ice Maker Water Filter, you get the best value for the lowest price.

Might break during improper installation

3. Scotsman AP1-P AquaPatrol

Scotsman AquaPatrol water filteration
Performance 2.1 GPM max flow, designed for cubers up to 650 lb
Certification NSF certified
Special Features Leaves chlorine in water to keep maker cleaner longer.

The Scotsman AP1-P works perfectly with ice machines that produce up to 650 lb. You can also use it with flake and nugget makers with 1200 lb production. It provides a maximum flow rate of 2.1 GPM, as well as 80 PSI maximum pressure.

The system is NSF-certified and removes all contaminants down to 0.5 microns in size. Its tight pore size extends the lifespan of your machine while improving the taste. AP1-P comes with both the head and the cartridge and is very simple to install. In just a few clicks, you will have your machine ready to produce top-quality ice cubes.

2.1 GPM
Might be slightly expensive

4. 3M Water Filtration Products System

4 3M Water Filtration Products System for Commercial Ice Maker
Performance Flow rates up to 1.5 gpm
Certification NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, and CSA B483 certified
Special Features Reduces sediment and chlorine taste and odor, cysts

With a 1.5 GPM rate, this system provides clean water for restaurants and coffee shops. It comes with a scale inhibitor, which extends the lifespan of your appliances.

Boasting an NSF certification, another great thing about the 3M filtration system is its valve-in-head design. It automatically shuts off and vents air, allowing you to replace the cartridge without completely shutting off the water supply. Plus, its SQC design allows you to replace the cartridge without any contact with the filter, making it a great option for both home and commercial use.

Sanitary design
Excellent value for the price
The user manual is a bit unclear

Inline Water Filters –  Top Picks

5. Aqua-Pure ICE140-S 

Aqua-Pure refrigerator and ice maker water filter
Performance Provides over 1,500 gallons of perfectly clean water
Advantage Requires no DIY skills
Application Ideal for both refrigerators and ice makers

ICE140-S is an inline water filter, ideal for both refrigerators and ice machines. It does an excellent job of purification and is able to provide around 0.5 gallons of pure water per minute. In addition, the filter is very light (only 1kg) and is simple to install. It requires no DIY skills or special tools.

The filter works in a pressure range between 25 and 125 PSI. However, pressure over 125 PSI can permanently damage the unit and void the warranty. If used properly, this filter can provide over 1,500 gallons of perfectly clean and pure water.

Can work on low pressure
Might leak if not installed properly

6. Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change

Culligan filter
Performance Purifies up to 3,000 gallons of water
Certification NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Special Feature Reduces bad taste and odor, chlorine smell, and particulate class III

If you are looking for an affordable product, this is your best choice. For around $20, you will get up to 3000 gallons of pure water from an NSF-certified unit.

The filter uses RC-EZ-1 replacement cartridges, which are compatible with many units. It comes with a twist-on/off mechanism, quick-connect fittings, and double water shutoff. You can also buy the Culligan premium version, which comes with more great features.

Very affordable
Quick-connect fittings and double water shutoff
Fittings are a bit fragile – be careful

7. Inline Water Filter Kit

Inline water filter kit
Performance The service life of the filter is 1500 gallons
Certification NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Special Feature Provides better tasting ice and water. Chlorine odor and taste reduction

The first thing that caught our attention about this filter is its lifetime warranty. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of 1 to 3 years, but having a lifetime option is fantastic. The company also has an amazing customer support team, which you can call anytime.

The package comes with a filter, 15 feet of ¼-inch line for water, 2 X ¼-inch Quick Connect adapters, a shutoff valve, and a mounting bracket. It might seem difficult to install, but with a few DIY skills, it’s still very simple. After 15-20 minutes of installation, your filter will be ready to use.

High-quality material
Perfect purification
Amazing customer support team
Might leak if not installed properly

8. Pure Water Inline Water Filter

Pure Water inline filter
Certification NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Special Feature Provides crisp clean water. Simple installation.
Advantage Made in the USA, comes with a lifetime warranty and telephone support

This product is another great choice if you are looking for a more affordable solution. It comes with Quick Connect fittings and is NSF certified. Plus, this unit also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another great feature of this product is how compatible it is with various appliances. You can use it on most refrigerators, coffee machines, ice makers, RVs, boats, and more. The installation is seamless. Simply put it in the right position and wait for a “click”. After that, you can start using the filter.

Excellent filtration
Very affordable
The package might come without instructions

9. Watts Inline Water Filter

inline water filter review
Performance Filters up 20,000 gallons of water
Certification SF Listed, Certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 372 Lead Free and NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Special Feature Reduces sediment and other particulates for better tasting drinking water

This product is an ideal choice for people who need to purify lots of water. It has a 20,000 gallons capacity and uses KDF for filtration and water purification, which removes even the tiniest particles.

This Watts filter is among the best in the market, with many satisfied customers around the world. Its affordable price and high-quality filtration make it a great choice for home and business owners worldwide.

20,000 gallons capacity
Removes even the tiniest particles
Inlets and outlets are a bit fragile

10. LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter

ice maker inline filter ASCO
Performance Filters 1,500 Gallons or 6-months life capacity
Type of filter 10 in. Inline carbon ice maker filter
Special Feature Filter taste and odor in the water

This filter costs less than $15, making it a highly affordable option. The LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter With 1/4-Inch Compression Connection connects directly into your refrigerator and filters the water going through the built-in ice maker of your appliance. Installation is simple, and the unit has an average lifespan of six months before replacement.

Overall, this filter supports high-quality, long-lasting filtration with easy installation, all at an affordable price. If you are looking for something to get the job done, this is the filter for you.

Very affordable
Great water quality
Some parts might break if not installed properly

11. EcoPure EPINL30

EcoPure EPINL30 long-lasting filter
Type of filter Long-lasting 5 year refrigerator filter
Advantage Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA
Special Feature Eliminates sediment and chlorine odor and taste

If you are looking for refrigerator filters, this product is relatively affordable and works perfectly for up to five years. The filter’s special design removes most particles, as well as sediment and chlorine. It also neutralizes bad smells and tastes.

Another added benefit is that this filter is designed and assembled in the USA and has an excellent customer support team. They are very professional and will help you out with any filter-related problem. All in all, this is a great choice for those looking for a simple and affordable filter for their refrigerator.

Useful push-to-connect fittings
Very professional customer support team
Compatible with most popular models
Might clog if the water is too contaminated

4 Ice Machine Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Below we reviewed four ice machine replacement cartridges.

1. Ice O Matic IFI8C in-Line 3/8″ Compassion Water Filter Cartridge

safe and reliable Ice O Matic filter
Item Weight 1.40 pounds
Product Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 11 inches
Advantage Famous brand for safety reliability and performance

The replacement filter is just as important as the filter itself. At some point, sooner or later, you will need to replace the cartridge. It usually happens after six months, but can vary between units. When the time comes, choosing the right cartridge is crucial. This cartridge by Ice-O-Matic is an excellent choice. It’s simple to install and is compatible with most units.

Fantastic filtration
Easy to install
A bit pricey

2. Manitowoc Ice K-00338 Arctic Pure Water Filter Replacement

best water filter replacement
Product Dimensions 4 x 4 x 18 inches
Performance Flow rate of 0.75 GPM and a capacity of 14,000-gallons
Advantage Can be used with ice makers producing up to 600-pounds of ice per day

If you want to buy a filter with extended capacity, this product might be your best choice. It provides a capacity of 14,000 gallons and has a 0.75 GPM flow rate. An added features is that its OEM parts provide excellent performance, reliability, and safety.

Fantastic capacity
Decent price
Inlet parts are a bit fragile

3. Everpure EV961222 i2000 2 Filter Cartridge

Everpure water filter cartridge
Product Dimensions 4 x 4 x 22 inches
Advantage Precoat submicron technology reduces dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron in size
Special Feature Reduces ice maker problems caused by scale build-up from dirt and dissolved minerals

This cartridge comes in four variations. You can buy a pack of one, two, three, or four units. Of course, buying more pieces is a better investment, since a replacement cartridge is a disposable item. It features a Micro-Pure II media which removes bad odor and improves filtration, perfect for those looking for high-quality water filtration.

Excellent filtration
Might leak if not installed properly

4. Hoshizaki Replacement Filter, Single (2-Pack)

Hoshizaki filter replacement

With a price tag of over $300, this replacement filter might seem too expensive. However, you’re paying for quality as it provides some of the highest quality filtrations on the market. When you order, you will get two cartridges in a pack. On top of that, this filter is extremely easy to install and replace with no additional tools or skills necessary. If you are looking for the highest quality replacement cartridge, this one is for you.

Mesmerizing filtration

Choosing the Right Water Filter for Your Machine

Consider Water Condition

When buying an ice machine water filter, the first thing to consider is the water condition. Not every filter is ideal for all situations. How do you know what the condition of your water is?

For example, states like Arizona are known for high mineral content in their water. On the other hand, some states are known to have a much lower concentration of particles. Also, some states have hard water in general, and hard water can damage your appliance.

If you want precise results, call a professional to test your water. Once you know the condition of your water, you can properly choose the best water filter for your needs.

Consider the Flow Rate

What is flow rate and why does it matter? Flow rate is the amount of water that can pass through the filter without causing any damage. For example, if your filter has a 3 GPM rate, it means that 3 gallons can pass through the filter each minute.

Of course, you should look for the rate according to your ice machine. If the maker requires a higher rate, and you install a small filter, it can lead to some problems. For example, ice cubes might be too small, or it could even damage the appliance over time.

Water Filter System’s Rated Capacity

Rated capacity should be greater than the amount of water that your machine will use between filter changes. You will want to calculate that amount first and then check for the rated capacity of the filter.

The Durability of the Filter

Filters are disposable, which means that you will have to replace them from time to time. After you install the filter, it’s always on. It will work until you need to replace it, which is usually after 500 gallons. However, depending on the unit, it might last longer.

Cost of the Filter

The cost of the ice maker filter differs from unit to unit. Remember, the most expensive product isn’t always the best. You need to replace your filter every six months or so, which can be very pricey if you choose a more expensive filter. You should always look for a compromise between the price and the quality.

Types of Water Filters for Ice Machines

All of these filters can be divided into three categories. They differ by the particles that they can filter, so knowing your water condition is crucial.

Sediment Filters

These filters are standard and most widely used. You can find them on almost any machine. They are good for preventing larger particles from entering the water. However, they are not ideal for removing small particles or chlorine.

When buying a sediment filter, you should have two things in mind – micron rating and flow rate.

Micron rating tells you the size of particles that the filter will block. For example, if the micron rating is 5 microns, the filter will successfully prevent 10-micron particles from entering the water. However, particles smaller than five microns won’t be affected. Flow rate is also important to prevent damage to your appliance.

Phosphate Filters

If you live in a city where water has lots of minerals, you might have had problems with scale. It happens when minerals like magnesium and calcium bind together, which can become a serious problem for your machine over time.

If you have problems with scale, using a phosphate filter is the way to go. However, just like sediment filters, you should replace phosphate filters every few months.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filtration is a very old method of filtering water. It dates back to ancient Egypt when people stored water in charcoal pots. They noticed that after a short time, the water taste becomes significantly better.

Those filters use a process called adsorption, where the specific texture of activated carbon traps particles from entering the ice maker. However, unlike the previous two types, carbon filters also trap chlorine.

Like most filters, you should replace them every six months.


Installing this kind of water filter is usually very simple. You don’t need any DIY skills or special tools. Depending on the filter, you will need a wrench, pipe cutter, drill, screwdriver, rag, and some screws and nuts.

First, turn off the main water supply. Then, properly mark the best position to drill screws that keep the filter on the cabinet, wall, or wherever you’re placing it. After marking, drill the necessary holes and attach the filter.

Next, remove the inlet pipe using the wrench and attach the inlet pipe of the water filter to the valve. After that, attach the water filter to the water tap, but keep a bucket ready for possible leakage. It might happen while tightening the nuts. Also, it’s useful to have a rag nearby, in case things get a bit dirty.

When you complete the whole connection, you can turn on the valve. It will let the water pass through the filter, so let it flow for at least half an hour. After that, the filter will be ready for normal use.


What Do Ice Filters Remove?

Their primary purpose is to remove chlorine and various sediments from water, as well as bad taste and odors.

Is Ice Filtered in Refrigerators?

Only if the refrigerator has an ice filter. It’s an excellent feature, but many refrigerators don’t have a filter.

Does My Ice Machine Have a Water Filter?

Most ice machines don’t have a water filter. They are the number one serviced component of any appliance, mostly because the constant flow of contaminated water damages them over time.

Why Do You Need Scale Control for Ice Filtration?

Hard water forms scales, which not only affects ice cubes but the machine itself. Over time, the machine might stop working due to scale, and you will have to pay for the servicing.

Can I Put a Water Filter on My Ice Machine?

You can install a water filter on any ice machine. Each unit is fed with a waterline, and you can install a filter on almost any type of waterline.

How Often Should You Change the Water Filter on Your Ice Machine?

Most filters should be changed every six months. This will ensure the top-quality ice and the proper function of the maker.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Filter?

The price can vary significantly between units. Try to find the best compromise between the price and the quality.

How Do You Clean an Ice Machine Water Filter?

The best way to clean an ice machine filter is to call a professional to do it. Or you can call a special service and ask for step-by-step instructions.

How Often Should You Clean the Ice Machine?

It mainly depends on the ice machine itself, as well as usage volume and water contamination. However, it’s advised to clean it between two and four times per year, using a nickel-safe scaler and sanitizer.


As you can see, having a water filter for your ice machine is crucial. If you don’t invest money in a good filter, you will have to pay even more when the maker gets damaged and stops working. In terms of choosing the best water filtration system, you should buy according to your needs and according to your machine. Overall, our top choice is the Scotsman AP1-P, which provides the best quality for the price.