Mavea Aquavero Water Filter Pitcher (Sleek Design) Review in 2022

Access to clean drinking water is very important. But the water flowing out of your faucets often tends to be full of chemicals and contaminants, and a whole house water filter is not always ideal for every household. One of the most effective ways to solve that problem are water filter pitchers. Luckily, there are a number of different pitchers on the market that will get the job done. Here, we will be talking about the Mavea Aquavero M100360 pitcher. Below, you will find everything you need to know in terms of all its best features.

Special Bundle

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Mavea Aquavero M100360 – Features and Specs

Mavea water filter pitcher buying guide
Dimensions 10.5 x 10.9 x 4.3 inches
Item weight 2 pounds
Manufacturer Aquavero
Volume 32 fluid ounces
Batteries required No
Capacity 14 cups (3,5l)

Design Design

For starters, this filtration system is very appealing to the eye. The crystalline surface of the product also adds an extra bit of style. So, it will definitely enhance the look of your kitchen or your office, without taking up too much space. Another great thing to mention is that the Mavea Maxtra pitcher is made of BPA-free materials.


Factors such as warranties and customer service are very important in ensuring long time use and replacement coverage in case anything happens to the filter. Luckily, this filter comes with a 1- year limited warranty. Aside from that, you can also call Mavea’s toll-free number regarding any concerns on repairs and replacements.

Mavea Water Filter Pitcher Aquavero M100360 Is Certified To Reduce:

  • Chemicals like simazine and atrazine
  • Some heavy metals like copper, mercury, and cadmium
  • Bad chlorine odor and taste
  • Industrial pollutants such as tetrachloroethylene and benzene


Maintaining your pitcher is very important as it extends its lifespan. Keep in mind that the Aquavero model pitchers are compatible with the new Mavea Maxtra filters.

But, which replacement filter should you buy?

Our recommendation for the replacement filter is Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter.

Mavea water filter pitcher replacement filter

The Mavea 1001122 Maxtra is capable of delivering a consistent flow rate over time. It is also BPA-free and contains silver that provides more protection.

Nice taste
14-cup capacity
No need to buy bottles
Removes rust and dust particles
Pouring the water is slow

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do these filters last?

This depends on the replacement filter. Generally, 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filters have a long lifespan and come with multiple in a pack as well as easy installation.

Can this fit in my fridge?

Yes, this water filter pitcher is extremely versatile and designed to fit in most compact areas without taking up too much space.


All in all, the Mavea water filter pitcher Aquavero M100360 makes a perfect filter pitcher if you need good-tasting, clean water. The modern design will definitely improve the look of your kitchen. Moreover, maintaining this product is also a piece of cake. Among all the pitchers in its class, Aquavero M100360 is the best choice.