Omica Organics Shower Filter (Fresh Bathing Edition) 2024

Everyone knows that it’s important to filter your water. But what many don’t consider is the water that comes from the shower, and how the right water filter can make all the difference. Here we will be discussing everything there is to know about shower filters, why you need one, and breaking down our top pick, the Omica Organics shower filter.

Shower Filter vs. Alternatives – The Basics

As the name suggests, a shower filter is a filter for your shower. While we strongly advise investing in a whole house water filter, they’re not always renter or space friendly, so they can more practical if you want quality water on a budget, or in addition to your existing filtration system. 

There are two different types of filters for your shower; a shower head filter and an in-line filter. Generally, both do a good job of filtering out unwanted contaminants, but some target different contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine.

Filtered Shower Heads

components of a shower water filter

Filtered shower heads are external filters that attach directly to your shower. They are great for the most used shower in your home.

In-line Shower Filters

in line shower filter components

However, in-line filters do not require you to get rid of your existing shower head, as they are installed in between the shower head and water line.

Omica Shower Filter

best shower filter

The Omica Organics is considered to be one of the best options around. It’s an in-line filter that is made from plaster that is non-pigmented and BPA-free, and offers superior filtration. Here, we will be giving you a rundown of all the benefits that this unit has to offer.

Advanced Filtration Methods

advanced water filter for your shower

This unit uses a variety of filter mediums and the process of oxidation-reduction to provide clean, high-quality water. 

The oxidation-reduction process works by using a series of electrochemical reactions to eliminate existing contaminants such as chlorine, sulfide, and other heavy metals. It also removes chloramine and lead, as well as the taste and orders of chlorine, scale, and sulfur.

Not only does the Omica remove contaminants, but it also adds helpful elements. Oxygen infusion, which is often used in the beauty industry, and a built-in softening system help smooth and soften hair and skin.

Omica Chlorine Removal

Chlorine is found in 98% of local US water supplies, per EPA regulations. Generally, chlorine is harmless and is in our water to fight help bacteria. But, there are side effects of excessive chlorine exposure, including hair damage and dry skin.

As the report below shows, the Omica filter is effective in reducing up to 96% of the chlorine in your home water supply. With this unit, you can shower as often as you like, without worrying about dry skin. 

shower water filter to reduce chlorine

Oxy Self Pressurized Showerhead

While the unit doesn’t come with a showerhead included, Omica does sell an external Oxy Self Pressurized head. This head fits perfectly with the filter, and includes the following features:

clean water for your shower
  • Self pressurizing at 2.0 GPM; No need for complicated calibrations
  • 3 different adjustable modes of pressure
  • Dial style adjustment for different modes
  • Anti-clogging technology
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-build-up features.

Installation Guide – Step by Step

Installing this water filter is very easy and requires no complicated handiwork or external materials, due to a screw-in design on both entry points.

Here is a step-by-step installation guide for the Omica Filter. Every filter also comes with extra Teflon tape in order to better assist with installation.



Omica is an American-based company and manufacturer, and they include a 180-day money-back guarantee alongside the warranty.

Pros and Cons

Easy installation
Budget-friendly, with a money-back guarantee
Lasts up to 8-12 months
Reduces scale build-up and clogging
Softens water while it filters
Does not use changeable cartridges
You will need to buy a new filter entirely once you are ready to replace the old one


Below are answers to frequently asked questions about this product:

What Size Piping Will This Fit?

The Omica filter will fit with a ½ pipe with NTP and NPS threading. This is the standard pipe size in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Does This Filter Take Up a Lot of Room?

Contrary to the pictures, the shower filter does not take up a lot of room. It is designed at an angle so it doesn’t sacrifice headroom or water pressure.

How Can I Be Sure That This Product Works?

Omica Organics provides third-party laboratory reports showing its filtration capabilities for the unit. These reports show how much water was tested, and the filter’s success at filtering out various contaminants.


Filtering your shower water should be at the top of your list when it comes to home water filtration. The right filter can make all the difference.

The Omica shower filter is a great investment. It’s budget-friendly, easy to install, and uses the best ingredients and high-quality methods to ensure double filtering capability. The Omica Organics checks all the boxes for a shower head water filter, and that’s why it’s at the top of our list for best home water filters.