Taco Pump 009-F5 Circulator Pump (Special Bundle) Review of 2024

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If you are reading this, chances are you are in need of a good, reliable pump. The Taco 009-F5 Pump Cast Iron Circulator Pump is one of the best contenders on the market for more reasons than one.

If you are in need of a pump for residential use or for some light industrial systems, this is the system for you. Apart from water circulation, it also works well with heating systems. It is completely suitable for solar and just as good as hydronic systems. The pump is simple, reasonably priced, efficient and effective.

Taco 009-F5 Circulator Pump Review


taco circulator pump benefits
Product weight: ‎9 pounds
Product dimensions: 8 x 7 x 7 inches
Material: Cast Iron
Voltage: 1/8 115 Volts
Components included: Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron Cartridge Circulator – 009 Series, 115 V
Integral Flow Check (IFC): Optional
Priority Zoning Relay: Optional
Plumb n’ Plug: Pre-wired Timer Control


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If you would like for your pump to circulate gases, liquids, or slurries in a closed-circuit like a pro, go for the Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron High-Velocity Cartridge Circulator Pump. Features include:

  • Standard high capacity and output-compact design
  • Unique replaceable design
  • Self-lubricated non-mechanical seal
  • Direct drive-low consumption
  • Universal flange-to-flange dimensions

Installation is fast and simple, and maintenance is a breeze. With no mechanical seal, the self-lubricating design offers incredible reliability. Every model from the “00” series has a replaceable cartridge with all moveable parts.

Taco Pump 009-F5 Uses

The Taco Pump 009-F5 is suitable for a wide variety of residential and light applications. Specifically, it is ideal for industrial applications for higher-head/lower-flow water circulation. Typical applications include hydronic, in-floor radiant/panel, and solar heating systems. You can use 009-F5 Pump for open-loop solar heating.

Besides higher-head/low-flow heat recovery, the unit also covers light commercial and domestic water systems. All the parts included in the particular replaceable cartridge are mobile. It allows quick operation, rather than removing the entire circulator. With a direct drive and compact design with low power consumption, the unit is suitable for high-efficiency work.

Standard high capacity
Output-compact design
Quiet, efficient operation
Direct drive – Low power consumption
Unique replaceable cartridge design
Field serviceable
No mechanical seal
Unmatched reliability – Maintenance free
Universal flange to flange dimensions
Cast Iron or Stainless-Steel construction
Universal flange to flange dimensions
Anti-Condensate Baffle (ACB) to Protect Motor Windings (0011, 0012, 0013)
Not compatible with other solar systems
High-end prices for the industry
Poor packaging

Special Bundle Package

Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron High Velocity Cartridge...
Taco 110-251F Freedom Flanges for "00" Series...
Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron High Velocity Cartridge...
Taco 110-251F Freedom Flanges for "00" Series...
Best Feature/Benefit
It is ideal for industrial applications for higher-head / lower-flow water circulation
Freeing you from scraped knuckles and jury rigged tools
Fits all "00" Circulators
Star rating
Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron High Velocity Cartridge...
Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron High Velocity Cartridge...
Best Feature/Benefit
It is ideal for industrial applications for higher-head / lower-flow water circulation
Star rating
Taco 110-251F Freedom Flanges for "00" Series...
Taco 110-251F Freedom Flanges for "00" Series...
Best Feature/Benefit
Freeing you from scraped knuckles and jury rigged tools
Fits all "00" Circulators
Star rating

The best way to purchase these professional products would be to go for the Taco 009-F5 Pump: Special Bundle, which includes the pump and the Taco 110-251F Freedom Flanges for the “00” Series. That way, you get a circular pump and Taco Freedom Flanges. Flanges suit all “00” Circulators, freeing you from rigged equipment and all unnecessary parts.

You should get Two-piece bronze Easy-On/Easy-Off shut-off valves.

threaded freedom flange comparison
shut-off and sweat freedom flanges - bronze

The table below describes 110-251F Freedom Flanges benefits. Keep in mind, if you decide to purchase the special bundle, you will get flanges and the pump together.

Shut-Off Flange Features Sweat & Threaded Flange Features
2-Pieces Design First All “00 Circulators
¼ Steel Flange – Won’t Bend or crack Easy-On, Easy-Off with an Adjustable Wrench
Dual Teflon Standard Solid Brass Ball Ductile Iron ¾ – 2
Upgraded Steam Steal Ductile Iron – Stronger than Cast Iron
Available in ¾, 1, 1-¼ Threaded Connections Bronze Thread ¾ – 2
  Bronze Sweat ½ – ½

Taco 009-F5 Heating System

To fight off flooding, you will need to use a sump pump. But what about the water source for heat pumping?

The Taco Pump 009-F5 cartridge is designed for hydronic heating, as well as radiant in-floor/panel, solar heating, and heat recovery. Additionally, it helps domestic recirculation systems operate in higher-head/low-flow applications. All moving components include the unique, field-serviceable cartridge.

Replacing it could reconstitute the circulator. The self-lubricating, maintenance-free design allows for continual reliability. The 009-F5 models are made of either Cast Iron and Stainless Steel.

The 009-F5 Cast Iron Cartridge can be used in:

  • Hydronic heating
  • Radiant in-floor/panel heating
  • Indirect domestic water heating
  • Solar heating
  • Heat recovery
  • Water source heat pumping
  • Internal recirculation
  • Chilled water cooling system
  • Small-to-large residential applications
  • Light commercial applications

Below, you will find a TOTAL HEAD-FEET/FLOW-GPM graph showing the difference between some of the “00” series items:

head-feet vs flow-GPM

It is essential to choose correctly. The program requires you to determine the piping system’s flow reliability first. Balance the whole system’s performance specifications with a circulator that can support them.

Steps to Choose the Right Circulator

If you are not a professional, you may need to contact an expert and ask for their opinion before choosing a circulator. Or you can follow this five-step guide:

Step 1: Establish the Target Flow Rate for the System

The word “target” refers to the flow rate you expect under full design load. Such flow rate depends on the appropriate heat transfer rate, as well as the piping device temperature drop as it performs heat transfer.

You will also want to keep in mind that the flow rate the system runs at may not be the same as the target flow.

Step 2: Select the Tube Size

When the desired flow rate has been set, choose the size of the tube-based on limitations inflow velocity.

Step 3: Find the Equivalent Length of the Piping Circuit

The total length of the piping circuit should be equal to all the parts of the main tube and all the smaller pieces, such as fittings and other valves.

Step 4: Establish the Head Loss of the Piping System at the Target Flow Rate

Each parallel loop has its head loss, and it has to be measured in a system made of several zones. The overall equivalent length can be calculated based on the loop with the lowest loss.

Most flanges are the same for all pumps. The difference is the four different sizes: ¾, 1, 1-¼, and 1-½. The trick lies in the fact that the outer dimension of all the flanges is the same. The only thing that changes is the actual pipe connection. The pipes do not have regular performance.

heald loss graph

Keep in mind that the flanges can also be very similar to the flanges of the different brands. The only thing you need to consider is that you should keep the same material as the pump.


The warranty sheet states that Taco, Inc. will fix or remove anything from the “00” Series without charge.

Circulator components are deficient under regular usage within three years from fabrication. The customer is responsible for immediately notifying the local stocking distributor. Additionally, the customer is given certain rights after purchasing the product, which is protected by the warranty after purchase.

This guarantee leaves the purchaser with a lot to keep in mind. The freedom given to the customer by the warranty depends on the state in which the purchase was made. Some states have some limitations on the duration of the warranty, whereas some do not. Depending on your state, you may or may not be entitled to such restrictions.

Installation Procedure

Installation of the Taco 009-F5 Pump can be done in five easy steps. Of course, there are conditions that must be met to install the unit correctly.

The maximum operating pressure is around 862 kPa (125 PSI). The nameplate rating should not be surpassed by the maximum water temperature. For closed-loop systems, only use cast iron circulators. For open-loop systems, such as for freshwater or portable systems, only use bronze or stainless steel circulators.

A Couple of Warnings

Spa areas or swimming pools have not been tested using the 009-F5 Pump, and therefore are not compatible.

In the case of destabilization, screws may be pulled out of the housing. Do not replace these screws. Replacing them using a different screw may shorten the stator’s windings, which can result in creating a risk of electrical shock.

Be sure to disconnect your power supply to the central electrical unit and the circulator to prevent accidents during installation.

Installations at higher altitudes above 5000 feet must have a minimum of 20 PSI or higher fill pressure. This is to prevent cavitation and flashing, which can result in premature failure. Adjust the pressure of the expansion tank to a filling pressure equal. An expansion tank of a more significant size may be needed.

Installation Guide

Step 1: Mounting Position

The circulator should be mounted in a horizontal position with a motor. With the engine up, it can be mounted vertically, given the device pressure is at least 138 kPa (20 PSI).

Step 2: Rotating Body

The arrow placed at the front of the rotating body should indicate the direction of the flow. Once you remove the four bolts that hold the body, rotate the body, and add bolts to turn the body. The junction box should NOT, under any circumstances, be placed below the circulator.

Step 3: Electrical connection

When connecting to a power supply, follow all necessary codes. The motor is protected from impedance and does not require protection against overload. There is no leading “hot” or “common” wire from the condenser box. Usually, the process of installation would be to attach either blue or yellow wire to the hot (black) power supply wire, whereas the white wire should be connected to the common one. Running backward is impossible.

Step 4: Fill the System With Tap Water.

The whole system must be filled in before the pump can get to work. The bearings are water-lubricated, which means that dry operation will not be permitted, since they’ll be immediately lubricated when filling the system. Flushing a new system of foreign matter before starting is always good practice.

Step 5: Final operation

Just after filling the system, run the circulator for five minutes to remove accumulated air from the bearing chamber. This is especially important during offseason installations.

As you use the pump, some of the things that you should consider replacing include the cartridge and rubber flange gaskets. The process of replacing both is relatively simple. If you need to, please make sure to watch the explanation video.

Taco Pump Replacement Parts

Before replacing, be sure to disconnect the electronics, drop the system pressure, and let everything cool down. Then drain the whole system or isolate the pump. The first thing to do afterward is to remove the body bolts, then separate the motor assembly from the unit’s body. Finally, pool the cartridge out from the motor housing.

Taco 007-007RP Rubber Flange Gasket
Taco 009-021RP Series Replacement Cartridge...
Taco 007-007RP Rubber Flange Gasket
Taco 009-021RP Series Replacement Cartridge Assembly
Best Feature
When changing any part of the pump, always start with new gaskets!
Designed for quiet, efficient operation
Used for
They are used for all the models!
For cast iron 009 series pumps
Star rating
Taco 007-007RP Rubber Flange Gasket
Taco 007-007RP Rubber Flange Gasket
Best Feature
When changing any part of the pump, always start with new gaskets!
Used for
They are used for all the models!
Star rating
Taco 009-021RP Series Replacement Cartridge...
Taco 009-021RP Series Replacement Cartridge Assembly
Best Feature
Designed for quiet, efficient operation
Used for
For cast iron 009 series pumps
Star rating

You can now install the new cartridge by making sure that everything fits as it was before. If everything is done correctly, you can replace the flange gasket if needed. Finally, reassemble the circulator by using the new screws. Before operating, you should always fill up the whole system.

Test the unit by letting tap water run through. Make sure that the remaining air is out of the system before use.

Compliance and Restrictions

This product is not intended for human consumption – either drinking or cooking. It has not been designed to comply with the requirements of the “Safe Drinking Water Act” for low-lead in drinking water applications. This product is for use only in water applications that are not drinkable, or non-human consumption.


How Do I Size for Radiant Heat?

All the units from the “00” series have lots of the same features, which need to be taken into consideration before purchase.

These features usually include:

  • Choice in different materials (bronze, cast iron, stainless steel)
  • The flow rate in gallons per minute
  • Heat loss in feet of head
  • Horsepower
  • Power supply
  • Type/size connection (flanged, threaded, sweat)

The most commonly used Taco brand pump is the Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron Pump (closed-loop).

Typical Stainless Steel and Bronze circulators are used for open-loop hydronic/radiant heating. They are used in domestic hot water recirculation applications as well.

Where Can I Buy Taco 009-F5 Pump, 1/8 HP, 115V?

The 009-F5 pump is available on Amazon. Apart from Amazon, you can find one in a local Taco supply store or any other store that sells their products.

Which Flange Do I Need to Connect?

As mentioned in the text above, most flanges are the same for all models. The difference comes in its sizes including ¾, 1, 1-¼, and 1-½. The trick lies in the fact that the outer dimension of all the flanges is the same. The only thing that changes is the actual pipe connection. This is possible because the pipes do not actually have the standard performance.

How Many Gallons Per Minute Will This Pump Filter?

It can filter anywhere from 8 up to 10 (max flow) gallons per minute.

Are the Gaskets Included, or Bought Separately?

The pump comes with a pair of new gaskets.

Hearing a Rattling Sound From the Pump. What’s Wrong?

For this issue, it may be best to contact your heating service technician. Try turning off the system while waiting for them to arrive. Your technician will check any matters connected to the humming relay, control, electric motor, or burner motor.


What are the most important things to remember when it comes to pumps?

There are three aspects that we are looking for: effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability. This pump has it all, which is why we at WaterFiltersAdvisor suggest this product. It is easy to install and use, and it will last for years before it shows any signs of deterioration.

The “00” series is one of the best high-velocity series out there, and the Taco 009-F5 pump is one of the best in the whole series given its unmatched reliability and excellent price.