ZeroWater ZD-018 (Filtering Process Explained) 2024 Deep Review

Clean, drinking water is essential. And there are many different types of filtration methods as well as types of water filters on the market to choose from. But if you’re looking for something simple to get the job done, at an affordable price, you may want to check out the ZeroWater ZD-018 water filter. Here, we have provided a buying guide with everything there is to know about this fluoride water filter so you can decide whether you should buy one.

NSF-Certified – ZeroWater ZD-018 Filter

Zero Water Filter specs

If you are concerned about certifications, the simple answer is yes, it is. NSF International certifies that it meets the standard for reducing chlorine odor and taste, as well as chromium, mercury, and lead. ZeroWater pitcher removes between 95% to 99% of these contaminants. Here’s a breakdown of the official NSF results:

NSF certified water filter


ZeroWater Filtering Process

ZeroWater provides you with a safe and clean drink in 5 stages:

premium water filter process
  • Stage 1, a coarse filter screen removes sediment and other fine particles.
  • Stage 2, a foam distributor distributes the flow of water across the filter screen for even and efficient filtering.
  • At stage 3, water passes through a multi-layered carbon and oxidation reduction alloy. The activated carbon filters out contaminants to clarify the taste. The oxidation alloy removes chlorine and other metals. It also prevents the filter itself from developing molds due to moisture.
  • Stage 4, the dual ion exchange resin removes foreign ions to purify the water molecules.
  • Stage 5, an ultrafine screen removes minute particles that remain.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

ZeroWater filters extract up to 99.6% Total Dissolved Solids (or TDS) from the water you drink.

ZeroWater technology cleanses your tap from the above-mentioned traces of TDS.

water filter for your home

Aside from fluoride, these TDS also include:

Features to Love 

water filter pitcher capacity

There are good things to love about ZeroWater filter fluoride ZD-018 that may make you love and want to buy this product. Here are some of them:

  • It includes a free water quality TDS meter. You can use it to measure and check TDS levels in your collected water. This way you have peace of mind in knowing how clean your drink really is.
  • The large capacity, 23-cup size is a good amount to hold potable water for households with groups of people living together. It has a spigot so you can conveniently pour yourself a glass anytime you need one.
  • The material is BPA-free. You have peace of mind in knowing that you’re taking a drink from Bisphenol-A free container. BPA is known to mess with the body’s hormones. It is generally considered bad especially for infants and unborn babies.
  • It’s a filter and dispenser in one. Just fill straight from the tap and let the filtered water collect in the pitcher. This sleek and compact unit fits counters of any home or office space.
  • The slim design lets you directly put it in the fridge if you like cold filtered water most of the time.

Considerations Before Buying

User reviews are one of the best ways to help make buying decisions. Here, we have compiled some real reviews from buyers to keep you well informed on the product:

  • The material is plastic. So if it breaks, you may not be able to easily repair it or replace some parts. But, calling the company for a total replacement is possible especially if you still have a product warranty.
  • You may need to change the filter sooner or more often. If your area produces hard water or highly contaminated water, you may want to look into a more suited filtration system. Consider one that directly attaches to the tap and filters water in different stages.
  • Over time, air bubbles can get trapped or filtration contents can settle. This can prevent tap water from flowing through the filter. When you notice water just settling on top, re-install the cartridge. Also try giving the filter a little shake or tap to the side, to release air bubbles. This can happen from time to time. If you find this inconvenient, you may want to buy a separate filter system that cleanses straight form the tap and just fills your water pitchers and bottles as usual.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Includes a free water quality meter
Large capacity
Material is BPA free
Filter and dispenser in one
Slim design
Easy to break material
You may experience funny taste
Change the filter sooner or more often
Spout design is hard to use
It can stop filtering at times.

Bottom Line

Overall, the ZeroWater ZD-018 Water Pitcher is a great water filter system that gets the job done. It is a great addition to any home with an existing water filtration system as an added step. And it’s also great as a stand-alone filter to tackle your drinking water needs. With its decent size, high preforming filtration under NSF standards, and easy access and maintenance, all at an affordable price, this filter makes an excellent addition to any home.