Kenmore Coldspot 106 Filters (6 Compatible Picks) 2022 Reviews

Tap water is one of the most commonly used water sources, as it is the most accessible method for many households. And while tap water does undergo treatment before reaching our homes, it is important to take that extra step and filter your water after it enters your home. The good news is that your refrigerator can do it for you!

Here, we will be talking about fridge water filters that fit the Kenmore Coldspot 106 among other Kenmore models, to help you make the best choice.

Below is a list of the best Kenmore Coldspot model 106 water filters, as well the different specs and features that make these filters worth taking a look at.

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6 Compatible Filters – Kenmore Coldspot 106 

1. Mist Kenmore 9690 

Mist Kenmore 9690 water filter

The Mist Kenmore 9690 water filtration system is a great option to start out the list.

This Kenmore Coldspot filter uses a unique filtration system, based on a high-quality carbon block made from coconut shells. The porous structure of the carbon block is an extremely absorbent and effective filtering media.

The Mist fits easily into your refrigerator and can withstand constant use for several months before needing replacement. 

This filter’s high performance makes it an excellent alternative to bottled water, and it’s affordable, making it an excellent choice for any home.

Efficient, powerful filtration
300-gallon lifespan
Eligible for free shipping (in certain cases)
Doesn’t filter out fluorides

2. Waterdrop LT500P Refrigerator Water Filter

Waterdrop refrigerator water filter

The Waterdrop LT500P is fully certified under multiple NSF standards for the highest quality drinking water. It uses the same filtration technique as several other Kenmore models, which harnesses the power of coconuts shells in its activated charcoal block.

This unit is incredibly affordable and great for a budget product. It’s also specifically designed to fit your refrigerator model and only takes a few minutes to install.

Easy to install 
Activated charcoal filtering
A bit smaller than other models

3. Refresh Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter 

replacement refrigerator water filter

The Refresh Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter makes it easy to get cleaner water in a snap. You can finish installation in less than a minute, and it fits in easily in almost any refrigerator.

However, don’t be fooled by its small size; this unit still provides effective filtration, down to the smallest contaminants. It also has a relatively long lifespan before needing to be replaced, so you can enjoy crisp water without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Easy installation
Gets rid of water odors
Compact design
You may be eligible for free shipping 
Somewhat expensive, given its limited features for Kenmore brands

4. Kenmore 9915 

Kenmore fridge water filter

With its slim design, this genuine Kenmore filter is a great option for all refrigerators, including smaller models. It also holds up to NSF standards 42 and 53, and reduces the presence of contaminants such as lead and chlorine.

This unit can provide efficient filtration for up to 6 months or 200 gallons before needing replacement. So if you are looking for a high-quality filter that is long-lasting and easy to install, it’s an excellent option.

Reduces chlorine taste
Long lifespan
Somewhat expensive

5. Kenmore Elite 9081

Kenmore Elite 9081 water filter

The Kenmore Elite 9081 filter is made with lead-free material and is highly effective in filtering out harmful substances, chlorine, and sediments. It’s simple to install, even without any expert help, and has been shown to perform more efficiently than Sears models.

This Kenmore water filter is intended for Kenmore Elite 9081 refrigerators but works with many other Kenmore models. Just be sure to check your model number for compatibility before purchasing. 

Effective filtration
Easy installation
Reduces the taste and smell of chlorine
Some uses reported an unpleasant taste in their water after installation

6. Kenmore 09083 Replacement Filter

Kenmore Coldspot 106
This tested and trusted product provides efficient filtration, at an excellent price. It carries NSF 401, 53 and 42 certifications, and reduces the presence of lead and other heavy metals, which is uncommon in other models.
When you install the Kenmore 09083, it automatically routes the water, and all you have to do is flush out up to 4 gallons of water before it’s ready for usage.
Heavy metal and lead filtration
Some users reported a small amount of leakage after installation


You can use any of these top water filters for your Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator and expect great results.

What’s more, all these filters come in a reasonable price range, so you can have a reliable, in-home supply of great-tasting, clean water without breaking the bank. We hope you’ve found an option that fits all your needs! For any and all of your water filtration needs, be sure to check out our great variety of articles, here at WaterFiltersAdvisor.