Best Countertop Water Filters (16 Worthy Choices!) Reviews of 2024

If you want to get fresh and clean water directly from the tap, choosing a countertop water filter is the way to go. They are easier to install than a whole house water filtration system, and it can give you the same results without requiring professional plumbing skills.

Choosing a Countertop Water Filter

Many probably wonder why they need one when they have so many choices in the whole house water filter systems department. The answers vary, but we can summarize them as follows.

  1. Countertop water filters are versatile and mobile. As you have seen from the reviews below, the Ecosoft unit can go wherever you can go. It can provide you with high-quality water on the road.
  2. These devices offer excellent results with little investments and efforts. If your main concern is only the drinking water, one of these filters will certainly give you the peace of mind you need. 
  3. Overall, they are more affordable than a whole house or under-sink systems. They do not need a plumber for installation; they are usually very low maintenance; most come with spare parts and replacement filters you can find almost anywhere.
  4. Due to their compact designs, they fit almost any possible countertop. 

Our Comparison Table

Before we begin, let’s take a look at three countertop water filters that caught our attention due to their interesting tech specs and features. Read our reviews, make comparisons, and pick the best product for your needs!

cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System...
APEX MR-1050 Countertop Water Filter, 5 Stage...
Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet...
cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System...
APEX MR-1050 Countertop Water Filter, 5 Stage...
Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet...
N/A, 30-day return policy
30-day 100 % Satisfaction money-back guarantee, and limited 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase
Best Feature/Benefit
High-capacity carbon filter that’s designed to produce fresh, clean water, free of contaminants
Removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, metals, and minerals like lead, calcium, and sodium. Filters bacteria and viruses like Cryptosporidium pesticide, and Giardia cysts
Filters out chlorine, lead, and sediment particles
Star Rating
cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System...
cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System...
N/A, 30-day return policy
Best Feature/Benefit
High-capacity carbon filter that’s designed to produce fresh, clean water, free of contaminants
Star Rating
APEX MR-1050 Countertop Water Filter, 5 Stage...
APEX MR-1050 Countertop Water Filter, 5 Stage...
30-day 100 % Satisfaction money-back guarantee, and limited 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Best Feature/Benefit
Removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, metals, and minerals like lead, calcium, and sodium. Filters bacteria and viruses like Cryptosporidium pesticide, and Giardia cysts
Star Rating
Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet...
Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet...
Returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase
Best Feature/Benefit
Filters out chlorine, lead, and sediment particles
Star Rating

Countertop Water Filter – 16 Product Reviews

16. Einfagood Countertop

Best Countertop Water Filters Einfagood Countertop Water Filter
Materials: Mostly plastic
Design: Easy-to-install filter, the connection adapter fits almost all types of faucets
Life Expectancy: 1040 gal of drinking water per cartridge can be filtered within 180 days
Performance: Removes up to 99% chlorine and organic substance
Warranty: N/A, 30-day return policy through Amazon
countertop water filter for your home

The first on our list we have this Einfagood water filter. It provides homes with an ideal combination of strength and effectiveness. Moreover, the filter system is one of the strictest, containing a high-quality 3-stage filtration system.

In other words, it removes 99% of the most common water pollutants, such as chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals from tap water. The Einfagood also includes a sparkling water maker in the event you want to make sparkling water. The filter is powerful, yet easy to maintain (6-month cartridge replacement) and install, requiring no plumbing.

Easy to use and clean.
Great tasting water.
The sparkling water maker is a refreshing addition to a water filtration system.
Replacement cartridges are expensive.
Limited length in terms of tubing.
Large, cumbersome in size.

You can trust German engineering to deliver a great unit mounted directly on the tap. This product is particularly practical, convenient, and user-friendly. One of its drawbacks is that it is expensive and very hard to find.

15. Apex MR-1030 Countertop

Apex MR-1030 countertop water filter features
Materials: Mostly made of plastic
Design: Portable and easy-to-install
Life Expectancy: Filter lasts up to 4-6 months
Performance: Removes chloramines, heavy metals, and control microorganisms with KDF -55. Raises the waters pH level and lowers acidity with Calcite and increases alkalinity
Warranty: N/A, 30-day return policy through Amazon
countertop water filter review

The Apex MR-1030 is ideal for households of any size due to its slim, portable, and compact size. It contains a revolutionary 3-stage filtration system, which has antioxidant protection.

It purifies and detoxifies water, making it more alkaline. The Apex MR-1030 is also easy-to-install, meeting all plumbing codes and accepting all standard 10-inch replacement filter items.

The replacement filter can last up to a full year with a family of 4.
Very easy-to-install.
Removes harmful substances and raises the alkalinity in the water.
Difficulties with changing the filter.
The filter easily collects dirt and algae.
If the filter is not cleaned or changed properly, water can give off an odor

Apex is a reputable brand in the world of the best filtration systems for water. According to the enthusiast customers’ reviews, this countertop water filter makes water taste clean and pure. It takes little space in your kitchen and does a great job of removing chlorine odor and taste.

14. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Filter System

Big Berkey BK4X2  water filter system
Materials: High grade 304 stainless steel
Design: Stainless steel frame, with 2 filters that connect to 2 fluoride elements
Life Expectancy: The lifespan of 6,000 gallons for the entire two-filter system
Performance: Reduces up to 95% of fluoride in tap water
Warranty: 10-day Berkey return policy, 30-day Amazon return policy
6,000 life span water filter system

Big in name and size, the Berkey filter has one of the most powerful filtration systems. Its 2-filtered tech is capable of removing 100% of pathogens.

It can also eliminate up to 95% of fluoride in tap water. The device also holds 2.5 gallons of purified water and is capable of providing fresh drinking water for homes with larger families (up to 16 people). Although it’s quite pricey, owners of the Big Berkey seem to treasure it, raving in their reviews about how delicious the water taste and how good it makes them feel.

Batch system can turn almost any water drinkable.
Makes water taste better than bottled water.
High in quality, long-lasting system.
Leaks around the nozzle.
Difficult to prime the filters
Confusing installation instructions.

A Berkey filter might be hard to find, but if you find one like this Berkey gravity filter, you should give it a chance. A powerful device able to make water taste fresh and look/smell clean, this Berkey countertop water filter is worth every cent. Its downside is its scarcity on the market, but other than that, it deserves a place among the best of the year.

13. Ecosoft Countertop System

Ecosoft countertop drinking water filter system easy install
Materials: Plastic
Design: 6 Steps DIY installation, no plumbing or drilling required
Life Expectancy: Filter lasts up to 3-6 Months
Performance: Filters out chlorine, lead, and sediment particles
Warranty: Returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase
Ecosoft countertop water filter

One system is this countertop drinking water system from Ecosoft. It can provide fresh water anywhere, and it’s great for installing in offices, RV homes, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The Ecosoft water filter uses a patent Ecomix technology. The filter thus contains a coconut-based carbon layer that eliminates harmful contaminants and chemicals such as chlorine, lead, bad taste/odors and sediment particles from your water.

Spacious and stylish look.
Connects directly to the faucet.
Water taste refreshing, delicious, and clean
The diverter intake can fit wider than usual, making it tricky to attach to certain faucets.
Durability issues with the lever.
Issues of leakage from around the seal area.

Sporting an excellent price and more than happy customers’ reviews, this countertop water filter is one of the best money can buy. Users also enjoy the excellent customer support provided by the manufacturer. It comes with the extra bonus of removing fluoride besides lead, VOCs, and heavy metals.

12. Apex Countertop Filter

Apex Countertop drinking water filter features
Materials: Mostly made of plastic
Design: Do-it-yourself installation fits most standard kitchen faucets
Life Expectancy: 4-6 months
Performance: Removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, metals, and minerals like lead, calcium, and sodium. Filters bacteria and viruses like Cryptosporidium pesticide, and Giardia cysts
Warranty: 30-day 100 % Satisfaction money-back guarantee, and limited 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
parts of a countertop water filter

This Apex countertop water filter is an upgrade to the MR-1030 model. It is capable of removing 99% of harsh chemicals commonly found in tap water.

It’s cost-effective and environmentally responsible, keeping you from wasting money on bottled water and harmful plastics. Great with purifying hundreds of gallons of water, the Apex MR-1050 filter can hold up to 750 gallons of water before needing replacement.

A high-end filter that’s low in maintenance and lasts long.
Easily removable filter.
Alkalines water up to a 9.5 pH level.
Durability issues with the plastic lever which tends to break easily.
The tube connected to the faucet should be shorter, it tends to dangle out of place.
Can’t run hot water through the filter system.

 According to customers, the unit is easy to install – though it is not that easy to maintain – and delivers alkaline water for all your needs. Besides the significantly improved water taste, users also appreciate the customer support service from the company.

11. iFilters Countertop Ultra

iFilters countertop ultra drinking water filter
Materials: FDA-approved materials
Design: Clear | Installs to faucet within seconds with no tools
Life Expectancy: Filter lasts for about 750 gallons/6-12 months
Performance: Reduces and removes Sediment, Dirt, Rust Particles, Scale Particles, Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, Toxoplasma, Organic Chemicals, VOCs, Pesticides, Herbicides, Chlorine, Chlorine Taste & Odor | Filters down to 0.5 microns
Warranty: Upon manufacturer request
multi-step water filter

This countertop filter is an excellent choice for homes, dorms, apartments, studios, offices, boats, RV, or campers. A portable filtration system ensures safe quality drinking water wherever you go. Simple to install, it connects easily to most standard kitchen faucets. In the package, you will find the filtration unit, one preinstalled filter (cbsm-2510), housing wrench, faucet adapter and o-ring, and installation instructions. You may also check out another water filter designed for kitchen faucets.

Other Features

Combined with its high-quality coconut shell carbon filter (made from NSF-approved materials), this filter system provides filtration from harmful chemicals and contaminants in the water down to 0.5 microns while keeping good minerals in your water.

Very fast filtration time.
Users enjoy the great-tasting water delivered by the filter.
Excellent price/value ratio.
You may need to use some Teflon tape to avoid leaking upon installation.
You have to let the water go through the filter for a while to taste good.

This is an excellent countertop water filter coming with more than enthusiast customers’ reviews. All users appreciated the ease of installation, the affordable price, and the quality of water they enjoyed after using the unit. This is a product that deserves its place on this list. One of its greatest advantages is the 0.5 microns filter, capable of removing some of the most common water pollutants in your tap water and a few other pollutants most other filters cannot eliminate.

10. CleanWater4Less® 

CleanWater4Less countertop water filter with metal spout
Materials: The spout is metal, rest is plastic
Design: Easy-to-install filter, with a diverter valve that connects to the faucet
Life Expectancy: 5-10 years depending on usage
Performance: High-capacity carbon filter that’s designed to produce fresh, clean water, free of contaminants
Warranty: N/A, 30-day return policy through Amazon
CleanWater4Less® water filter system

Being the best takes true innovation. What makes this water filtration stand alone from its competitors is that it needs no replacement filters. The single filter is easy-to-install and includes a stylish diverter valve. The valve attaches right to your faucet with no tools required.

The CleanWater4Less® filtration system can filter up to 10,000 gallons of clean water, all the while saving you lots of money from buying bottled waters. To top things off, it’s also fairly inexpensive and comes highly recommended online by over a hundred happy owners.

A sturdy filter that can filter gallons of water in some cases up to 9 months.
Quickly purify water within 10 minutes.
Completely eliminates the taste and odor of chlorine immediately.
Requires a small tab to be pulled before turning on the faucet.
The diverter valve tends to stick in the filter position.
Filter parts are cheap and can easily break.

The cleanwater4less unit is a piece of high technology and innovation. It spares you the trouble of filter replacing, it cleans off around 10,000 gallons of water, and it improves the taste, odor, color, and safety of your drinking water. The price/value ratio is excellent and the happy customers gather in hundreds.

9. White Home Master TMJRF2

compact countertop water filter system
Materials: Full metal valve
Dimension: 12.3 x 9.4 x 7.6 Inches
Weight: 4.25 pounds
Portable: Yes
Warranty: Three years on parts
home countertop water filter

At first, we should mention that this filter is an advanced unit and provides a 3-stage filtration. The multi-layered filter helps remove 93% of impurities, including lead, chlorine, and various pesticides. With a compact design taking minimal space, it can fit on any sink top with ease.

Besides, the best part of this unit is its portability feature. It makes the device simple to install and ensures complete customer delight. The system is backed by Perfect Waters Technologies’, and comes with a replaceable cartridge. You should replace it after 500 gallons of water, or every couple of months.

Filters 93% of the harmful chemicals.
Comes with well-designed housing and a diverter valve.
Good price.
Filters only cold water.
The quality adapter could have been better.

8. AQ-4000W Aquasana

AQ-4000W Aquasana water filter
Materials: Plastic
Dimension: 12x7x4 inches
Weight: 2.99 pounds
Portable: Yes
Flow Rate: 0.4 Gallons/ minute
Warranty: One Year on parts.
AQ-4000W Aquasana water filter in kitchen

The best part about AQ-4000W Aquasana is that it is an NSF-certified product. It is a three-layered, twin-cartridge water percolation system, and helps in blending ion interchange and carbon screening. The sub-micron impurities are also blended while filtering water. It’s one of the most expense-effective systems for water purification.

Also, the unit is for indoor use only and requires no installation. While it has a water flow rate of 0.4 gallons per minute, it also retains all the water’s beneficial minerals that RO removes. You should replace the filter every few months, or after 600 gallons.

NSF-certified filtration standards.
Fewer filter replacements.
Compact size.
Uses fewer disposable plastic parts.
Replacement filters are expensive.
The filter replacement process is a bit clumsy.

7. Carbon Filter CKC1C from iSpring

water filter with warrenty
Materials: Plastic
Dimension: 5 x 5 x 12 inches
Weight: 3.69 pounds
Portable: Yes
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
installed iSpring water filter

A nice thing about this unit is a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the unit’s performance, the company will refund you completely. Also, the system comes with transparent housing, for easy inspection of the filter condition. It is also portable and can easily fit anywhere.

Besides, the filter itself is very effective. It successfully removes nearly 95% of impurities and makes water safe and tasty. Also, the product is NSF-certified and comes with a complete installation guide. The package includes a 10 inch CTO cartridge, a plastic wrench, and a couple of faucet adapters. It also contains a tube and an O-ring for leakage-free installation.

Comes in many color options.
Effective pricing.
Transparent housing.
Water filtration takes some time.
The quality of the faucet could be better.

6. CeraMetix W9332230 From AquaCera HCP

free-standing water filter
Dimension: 14.3 x 10.4 x 4.3 inches
Weight: 3.46 pounds
Portable: Yes
Warranty: 1-year standard warranty
10 CeraMetix in use

The CeraMetix is a free-standing unit. It uses the AquaCera standards and technology to provide clean, safe, and perfectly balanced water. Besides, the product uses a 10 Cerametix filter and consists of a blend of carbon and media. It successfully removes many impurities, as well as viruses, and bacteria.

Moreover, the product requires no electricity to work. You can simply connect it to the faucet with a diverter valve. It also requires no plumbing modifications during the installation, which makes the installation very easy and simple.

Easy installation.
Not all faucets are compatible with the filter.
The water takes time to stop flowing.

5. Space Black AlcaPure 

ZIP cubierta four-stage filter
Dimension: 14.5 x 9.5 x 16.25 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Wattage: 30 Watts
Patent: Four-stage filtration technology.
Warranty: 1-year standard warranty. Does Not include filters.
installed countertop water filter

The well-crafted AlcaPure water filter from RKIN is a product loaded with features. This device has a patent on a four-stage filtration technique. The top pitcher can be filled with 0.5 gallons of filtered water in just about fifteen minutes. Also, it comes with an auto-shutdown feature after the container is adequately filled. A very presentable design makes the device usable both at your office and your home.

The purifier, for instance, needs no installation guide. It comes packed with pre-installed filters. The good part is that it has indicators to inform you about the filter change. The indicator notifies every twelve months. It also alerts you about the reverse osmosis layer replacement every twenty-four months. The reverse osmosis process helps in the removal of 99 percent of all water impurities.

Excellent filtration.
Uses less power than a lightbulb.
Notification indicators for filter change and reverse osmosis membrane change.
Convenient design for anywhere placement of the gadget.
Filter replacement is expensive.
The cost of the gadget is on the higher side.


AQUA TRU RO countertop water filter
Materials: Plastic
Dimension: 18 x 18 x 15 inches
Weight: 22.6 pounds
Patent: 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology
Warranty: 1-Year standard warranty. Does Not include filters.
Aquatru water filter testimonial

The best thing about AQUA TRU water filters is that it comes with patented technology. It has a four-layered reverse osmosis process. It is certified in accordance with NSF standards. Besides, it removes 83% of pollutants and harmful chemicals, including chlorine and lead. Also, the filters can last for 600 to 1200 gallons, which is fantastic. This stretches the filter life expectancy from 6 months to 24 months.

A very convenient design and no installation feature make the product cost-efficient. Moreover, the notification indicators help you with the filter change alerts. The purifier cleanses one gallon of water in approximately 12 to 15 minutes. Also, the AQUA TRU countertop filter functions out of a 120-volt AC wall plug system.

Removes 83 contaminants from water.
Patented 4 stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology.
Easy water dispensing system.
Notification indicators for a filter change.
The convenient design makes it easy for any kitchen countertop.
The built structure of the filter looks fragile.
Pricing of the product on the higher side.


countertop water filter guide
Materials: Carbon
Dimension: 16 x 12.2 x 6.6 inches
Weight: 8.18 Pounds
Portable: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty.
water filter for your kitchen

Firstly the APEX MR-2050 is a countertop drinking water filter. It comes with two filters that remove 99 percent of the water contaminants. Secondly, the product complies with the NSF/ANSI standards. It is eco-friendly and reduces the use of water bottles.

With a convenient design, it enables the device to sit perfectly on the kitchen counter next to the sink. The installation procedure too is simple. The purchase comes with 30-days money-back guarantee on non-satisfaction. The best part is that the advanced purification system removes rust from water.

Thirty days money-back guarantee.
Easy installation procedure.
Five layered mineral cartridges for water purification.
Removes rust from water.
It can be comfortably attached to the standard kitchen faucet.
The water taste is not great.
Difficulty in replacing filters.

2. Oasis Under Sink Filter with Reverse Osmosis

Oasis RO under sink water filter
Materials: Plastic
Dimension: 17.12 x 6.29 x15.74 inches
Weight: 21.61 pounds
Water Flow Rate: 1.6L per minute
Power Source: 100 to 240V AC
Oasis Under Sink Filter tankless design

At first, the unit’s good flow rate and low draining ratio reduce water waste by 34%. What more, the tankless design compliments the kitchen and gives it a very modern look. The installation procedure is easy and can be done by anyone. Also, the advanced filtration system helps to remove more than 1000 water contaminants.

The best part is that the product offers 3-stage filtration. It has come up with two sets, resulting in saving at least 30 percent of filter replacement expense. The filtration technique also has the efficiency of removing water impurities. It has an accuracy of 0.0001 um.

Higher water flow rate at 600 gallons per day.
Water purification accuracy at 0.0001 um.
The tankless design makes it possible to save up to 75 percent of storage space.
The installation procedure is simple.
The product comes packed with its own stainless steel faucet.
The instruction manual provided with the product is incomplete.
The filter comes with a 7/16 inch water line tee, which is not as per the U.S. standards.

1. EZRO5 Express Water

Express Water EZRO5 water filter
Materials: Plastic
Dimension: 13.25 x 6.5 x 14 inches
Weight: 11.68 pounds
Water Flow Rate: 3-4 GPH
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty.

high capacity water filter

Firstly, EZRO5 from Express Water is a four-layered reverse osmosis purification system. It makes your drinking water free of impurities by 99 percent. Also, the unit requires less maintenance and has a design that fits most standard faucets.

Secondly, the four layers in the filtration system include Reverse Osmosis Skin, Sediment Percolator, Granular Carbon Filter, and Post Activated Carbon Purifier. Thirdly, the clear indicators on the filter make the filter changing process very easy, and the best part is that the purifier can be wall-mounted or freestanding as per the user’s convenience.

The installation process is simple and easy.
The product packet comes with its own faucet.
The filter changing process is quick and simple.
Excellent customer support.
Almost no maintenance.
The connectors are not high quality.
Relatively slow flow rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Countertop Water Filters Work as Advertised?

Yes. Countertop water filters are effective against most common water pollutants. Some feature innovative technology able to remove even fluoride from your water. Some also can make your water alkaline. Easy to install, maintain, and remove (if you want to take them somewhere else), these devices are affordable and practical.

Should You Filter Your Tap Water?

Water in the United States is relatively clean, according to the authorities. However, it contains a handful of water pollutants, bacteria, chemicals, and toxins, not to mention chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride. For the safety of your family, you should filter your tap water.

What Are the Best Water Filtration Technologies and Systems?

Depending on the level of contamination in your water, you can opt for activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, distillation, activated alumina filtration, and more. Read about these different types of technologies, find out which filtration system is more suitable to your needs, and proceed accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Wanting to drink water that’s clean and fresh should be an easy choice to make. We are sure this list has helped guide your decision in doing so. Or, at the very least, it made you aware of your options.

You can also check out this list of the best home water filtration systems. Have you tried any of these best countertop water filters before? Let us know in a comment below!