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Clean drinking water is essential to every household. Though a whole house water filter is usually the way to go, it’s not always the most accessible option, in terms of price, space, and maintenance.

Luckily, there are many alternatives on the market, with affordable prices and convenient designs. In this article, we’ve reviewed one of our favorite water filter pitchers, from the brand Nakii. Hopefully, this complete buying guide will bring you one step closer to clean drinking water at home!

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher – Features & Benefits

Nakii water filter pitcher


Capacity: 150 Gallons
Special Feature: Fast Filtration Filter
Manufacturer Nakii
Certification: WQA for NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372




The Nakii water filter pitcher removes metals and particles from tap water, to produce clean, delicious drinking water. At an affordable price, the filter also comes with a variety of features that make the unit worthwhile.

Compact Design

From its narrow and easy-to-store frame to its ergonomic handle, easy-flow spout, and minimalistic exterior, this pitcher is a great addition to any kitchen.

Filtration Capacity

Despite the compact design, the Nakii water filter pitcher supports a high filtration capacity. With a holding capacity of 7.5 cups, this pitcher can filter up to 150 gallons before needing replacement.


Nakii is a Japanese company that never cuts corners on quality. They use BPA-free plastics and clean, ECO technologies. For filtration materials, Nakii uses high-quality Japanese Activated Carbon.

More Notable Features

  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • Fast filtration. In just one minute, this pitcher can filter up to 44 oz of water!
  • The waterx flow rate is even and effective.
  • Classy design, with a wood decoration on the handle.
  • This filter fits in any refrigerator, and even in some fridge doors.
  • FDA-approved plastics.

Fast Filtering Technology

Japanese filtering technology is notably exceptional. Due to its advanced technology, this product has a much longer lifespan than most filter pitchers. Other units on the market will need replacement after supplying barely 40 gallons of water, as compared to Nakii’s 150 gallons. For you, this means more clean water for less money.

Certified Components NFS / BPA

As proof of its value and efficiency, the Nakii water filter pitcher was rewarded with a seal of authenticity by the Water Quality Association. It has also been certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and is in line with the NSF-372 regulations for BPA-free plastic that is acceptable for water storage.

Maintenance of the Unit

To maintain the quality of water output from this filter, the usage instructions suggest getting a new filter every 150 gallons. One filter should last 3-6 months, depending on your quality of tap water and household size. Nakii’s filter cartridges are affordable, so even if you do change the filter every 3 months, the pitcher is still relatively inexpensive to maintain.

Pros and Cons

Filters Last Longer

Each filter produces up to 150 gallons, equal to more than 450 plastic water bottles. Switching to this filter can save a lot of money in comparison to water bottles or coolers, and is far better for the environment.

Modern and Efficient Design

Similar to the Mavea Aquavero M100360 pitcher, the filter is designed to be compact and efficient. It can accommodate 10-12 cups of water at one time, yet fits easily in the fridge. The design features a lovely combination of a transparent pitcher, accented by a wooden handle.

Top-Quality Materials

Nakii only uses materials that don’t contain BPA; a chemical that is proven to cause congenital disabilities, hormone problems, and development problems. Regardless, many other companies, such as ones who manufacture plastic water bottles, keep using them in order to reduce expenses.


May Need a Bit More Space in the Refrigerator Door

Before purchasing, we advise you to check the size of your refrigerator shelves and door, to see where the Nakii would fit best. If you are set on keeping it in the door, but you have a smaller fridge, you may run into some problems. The pitcher’s thin and tall shape, while great for maintaining a large water capacity, may not fit in every refrigerator door.



The Nakii water filter pitcher is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an efficient system that also boasts a compact design and large filtration capacity. This pitcher lasts longer than competitors, and its impressive Japanese filtration technology produces high-quality water without sacrificing speed. And, as an added bonus, the unit itself is sleek and beautiful. What’s not to love?