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Hello and welcome to waterfilteradvisors.com! Thank you for taking time to get to know our team and our purpose. We hope that this page finds you well and leaves you with the conviction you need to continue using our site for all things water and water filter related.

Who We Are

Here at WaterFilterAdvisors, we take the time to carefully hand select each member of our team to ensure that they each bring something special to the table. This is to ensure that each article will guide you through the world of water filters. We have a variety of team members, each bringing forward a variety of different skill sets, levels of expertise, and hard work and dedication for each article you read here at Water Filter Advisors.


Water Filter Advisors found its roots with one key concern: bringing useful information to the public to help buyers make the best, well informed water filter choices for their households. Since then, we have taken on a collective concern and a responsibility to bring each of our readers the most up to date, and useful information that can be used in their everyday lives. Over time we have continued to adapt and adjust to the norms, taking it upon ourselves to do extensive research and have the best contributors to our team to craft the perfect buying guides and review articles for all our readers.

What We Do

Our team provides extensive product reviews and buying guides to help each reader make the best choice possible when it comes to choosing the perfect filtration units and water systems for their household. Here, you will find a variety of well written buying guides and review articles telling you everything you need to know about the topic at hand. You will often find segments such as: pros and cons sections to make sure you can make an informed purchase decision, product comparison charts, and even detailed specs charts.

Our Mission

We all know that having access to clean water is an essential to every household. But too often, homeowners find themselves misinformed or relying solely on tap water, and other sources alike. Here at Water Filter Advisor, we strongly advocate for the use of water filters and related accessories to better enhance the household water supply. Our mission is simple, to inform our readers, show them all their available options and encourage them to take control over the quality of their water at home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to place for our readers when it comes to all things water and water-filter related. We plan to do this through continuous adjustments, high quality content, and regular updates and replies to all queries that our readers may have.

Meet Our Team

As mentioned, we have a special team of select content writers and nutritionist experts to enhance the quality of our content and ensure that all facts check out. Check them out here:

Professional Writing Team


Hally Stone

Chief Content Writer


Pat Daniels

Senior Content Writer


Marc Joseph Lloyd

Professional Content Writer


Jerry Sullivan

Professional Content Writer

Expert Review Team

Chrissy Arsenault

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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Diana Lee

Registered Dietitian with Master of Science in Nutrition

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Julie Harris

Registered Dietitian with over 12 years of experience in the field of fitness, wellness, and nutrition

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As mentioned, we have a special team of select content writers and nutritionist experts to enhance the quality of our content and ensure that all facts check out. Check them out here: